Projects Progress

April Round Up

  • Setup of SAGE hardware completed at Juelich Supercomputing Center
  • Submission of three deliverables
    • pNFS (Validation readiness)
    • NVRAM Technologies ( System software & Emulation)
    • Global address space concepts  

February Round Up

  • End of Feb was the official mid point in the SAGE project timeline (Month 18)
  • SAGE Face2Face meeting was held at KTH in Sweden
  • Submission of nine deliverables to the EC.
    • SAGE system: Tools based application characterization
    • NVRAM technologies: Analysis and Emulation
    • HSM for SAGE: Validation Readiness
    • Performance Profiling & Debugging Tools for SAGE: Validation Readiness

November Round Up

  • SAGE was at SC’16
    • SAGE Technical White Paper was released
    • Exascale I/O workshop with NextGenIO
    • SAGE was at the Seagate Booth as well as all the partner booths
    • SAGE giveaway bags proved extremely popular!

SAGE was the featured article in HPC Wire!

August Roundup

  • Percipient Storage: First version of the Concept and Architecture Report Available
  • Analysis Framework (Sub)System Architecture available
  • Hardware: Top tiers built up


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