A unified data storage system platform for AI, Deep learning, Big Data Analysis & High Performance Computing workloads

The landscape for  extreme computing and big data analysis  is changing with the proliferation of enormous volumes of data created by scientific instruments and sensors, in addition to data from simulations. This data needs to be stored, processed and analysed, and existing storage system technologies need to be adapted to achieve reasonable efficiencies in achieving higher scientific  throughput at massive scales

More information on a storage system we are building for this is here...

A Sage2 introduction suitable for the general public is here...

Check out the official Seagate Blog on Sage2 project: https://blog.seagate.com/enterprises/sage2-project-addresses-i-o-and-storage-needs-of-ai-and-deep-learning/

Open Source Release!!

Open source version of Mero is now available as CORTX!
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Sage Prototype Access

Intstructions for registering are below:


Sage2 Video Introduction

We are please to share the Sage2 Introductory video, please head on over to YouTube, or view below to learn more...

Video Demonstrations!

We are pleased to make some video demonstrations available utilising the SAGE platform.
More information here...


If you are part of the scientific community involved in data storage and management, and are interested in testing the SAGE prototype, please get in touch with us at: info@sagestorage.eu 

White Papers

SAGE Platform Early Experiences

Data Storage for Extreme Scale