Projects Progress

November 2018 Roundup

  • Great face2face kick off meeting at Seagate, Derry, NI! The first year will focus on architecture and design of Sage2 components.
  • We had kick off booth activity at SC’18 in Dallas, TX. We also gave a talk at the PRACE booth.
  • We also gave a talk at the HiPEC event in Heraklion, Greece. 
  • Sage2 presented at the Hierarchical storage BoF at SC’18

July Roundup

Final Deliverables:  pNFS on SAGE and Allinea Performance Tools ready for submission to the EU

Diamond/Seagate workshop at Seagate on Application Porting of the Diamond Light Source use case held


February 2018 Round Up

  • SAGE Prototype undergoing improvements for application porting including updations to Mero and Clovis.
  • Two deliverables submitted this month:
    • D4.9: Validation Report: Message Passing and Global Address Space Programming, which covers the usage of the SAGE tiers as part of global addressing needed by PGAS.
    • D2.8: NVRAM Technologies: Final Report on System Software Impact and Low Level Programming Model Implications, which also covers the emulation of NVMs in memory.

January 2018 Round Up

Happy New Year!

Work on two key deliverables this month.

  • D5.5: SAGE System Validation Report  and D5.6: SAGE Evaluation Platform Test Plan submitted. These cover the progress of the SAGE prototype installation in Juelich.
  • D4.7: Analysis Framework Interface Specification submitted. This covers the progress of the Apache Flink interfacing work with the Clovis API.


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