News and Events

September 2019 Roundup

  • Beginning of Year - 2 of the Sage2 project. All architecture deliverables are now submitted and we now embark on implementation activities. 
  • SAGE work presented to the IoT community as part of the European Industry Partnerships for New Digital Age organised by CREATE-IoT

August 2019 Roundup

  • Submitted the following Sage2 deliverables:
    • D2.5 NVM and ARM technologies report
    • D2.4 Global Memory Abstraction Architecture Definition
    • D3.1 Sage2 ecosystem Design Document
    • D5.1 Dissemination, Exploitation and Training Report and Future Plans Year 1

June 2019 Roundup

  • Sage2 participated in the European Exascale Projects and infrastructures booth at ISC’19 conference in Frankfurt
  • Sage2 presented at the Hierarchical storage BoF and panel at ISC’19

May 2019 Roundup

  • Submitted the first of Sage2 deliverables: 
    • D4.1 System architecture report with Hardware and Software Integration plan
    • D1.1 Report on application and use case requirements
    • D1.2 Initial blueprint of the Sage2 architecture based on initial application co-design inputs
    • D2.1 Percipient Storage2 Mero components: Concept and architecture
  • Sage2 participated in the EuroHPC summit in Poznan and there was a talk given on the project.

Sage2 @ ISC19

We are pleased to invite you to the European Exascale Projects and Infrastructure booth (A- 1416)  at the International Supercomputing Conference!