SAGE Early Experiences White Paper is now available

We are now starting to…

Posted on 24 April, 2018

SAGE work published Parallel Computing (Elsevier)!!!

Click below to check it out...…

Posted on 30 March, 2018

HPC Summit Week, Slovenia 29-May-2018 @ 14:30 to 18:30


HPC Summit Week,

University of Ljubljana
Pravna fakulteta/Faculty of Law
Poljanska 2…

Posted on 27 February, 2018
SAGE Prototype undergoing improvements for application porting including updations to Mero and Clovis. Two deliverables submitted this month: D4.9: Validation Report: Message Passing and…
Posted on 27 February, 2018

Happy New Year!

Work on two key deliverables this month.

D5.5: SAGE System Validation Report  and D5.6: SAGE Evaluation Platform Test Plan submitted. These cover the…
Posted on 30 January, 2018

Many thanks for DFKI for hosting the last SAGE Face2Face meeting for 2017.

Posted on 30 December, 2017

Great to have the booth at SC’17 with colleagues from Mont-Blanc and DEEP projects. Very good engagement with many communities there.

SAGE was also the featured project at the…

Posted on 30 November, 2017

The next SAGE face2face meeting will be held at DFKI, Berlin, Germany on December 5th, 6th and 7th. Stay tuned for updates!

Posted on 10 November, 2017

SAGE will be featured in the Big Data Value Forum in Versailles, November 21-23, 2017


Posted on 10 November, 2017

SAGE will be at SC’17 @ European projects Booth : #1694 (November 2017)

Please visit us!


SAGE will be the featured project the ETP4HPC…

Posted on 10 November, 2017