Projects Progress

March 2020 Round Up

Sage2 is selected to be part of the HPC/DA workshop at ISC’2020, which has now got accepted! 

Sage2 will also be part of the BoF session on Multi-level Memory & Storage at ISC’20 

Jan / Feb 2020 Round Up

Sage2 reached Month 18 (mid-project) end of February ‘2020 

We are pleased to have reached all milestones ! 

The SAGE platform at Juelich is coming along well.  

The application porting and implementation of the various software components are actively in progress! 

September 2019 Roundup

  • Beginning of Year - 2 of the Sage2 project. All architecture deliverables are now submitted and we now embark on implementation activities. 
  • SAGE work presented to the IoT community as part of the European Industry Partnerships for New Digital Age organised by CREATE-IoT

August 2019 Roundup

  • Submitted the following Sage2 deliverables:
    • D2.5 NVM and ARM technologies report
    • D2.4 Global Memory Abstraction Architecture Definition
    • D3.1 Sage2 ecosystem Design Document
    • D5.1 Dissemination, Exploitation and Training Report and Future Plans Year 1

June 2019 Roundup

  • Sage2 participated in the European Exascale Projects and infrastructures booth at ISC’19 conference in Frankfurt
  • Sage2 presented at the Hierarchical storage BoF and panel at ISC’19


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