Sage2 Visualization Hackathon

April 7th 9AM - 2PM BST

Time : 9AM to 2PM (half day)


Goals: Explore of the usage of visualization tools from Kitware by KTH and CCFE use cases with Sage2 for use on the SAGE prototype - as part of Sage2 Hackathon Series.



  1. 1) Round of introductions.

  2. 2) Presentation of the specific feature of interest (general idea, implementation, a demonstration of a toy example) by the feature lead: 30 min(max) (including Q&A).

  3. 3) Presentation of the given use case, the context/motivation for using the feature and constraints/specific requirements by the application lead: 30 min(max) (including Q&A).

  4. 4) A short presentation of the hackathon objectives and action plan by the organisers: 5 min.

  5. 5) The recommended setup is to engage in the planned programming exercise with intermittent communication via webex (e.g. discussing progress, emerging problems/issues either on a continuous basis or synchronising at specific times, say once per half an hour, mainy between the application and feature leads): 3 hours in total including breaks and intermittent discussions.

  6. 6) Questions from the other participants should be handled on a regular basis too. Here, the moderator (the third person involved in the organisation) could play a major role. Questions could be posed in Webex’s chat or,preferably, in the accompanying live document (googledoc).

  7. 7) Summary of the activities,outcomes and remaining questions or emerging issues to be resolved.

[Please contact for the meeting link]