Sage2 Object Storage Innovations: Workshop

Sage2 Object Storage Innovations: Workshop

When: Nov’26th 2021
Where: Teams ( Link will be sent in the calender invite)



This workshop will cover the some interesting features and functionalities developed as part of the Sage2 EU R&D project, as part of innovations within Object stores (CORTX Motr) for extreme scales. We want to welcome the participants from the community so that you can get access to some of these innovations!

June 2021 Event Roundup

SAGE2 organized the Emerging Storage Systems workshop at HPDC’2021



Many of the pieces of technology from Sage2 was also covered there, CORTX Motr (Mero), Sage2 Applications and Global Memory Abstraction 


The Sage2 Global Memory abstraction workshop was also organized by Sage2 with interesting discussions on this topic with the community!


Sage2 @ HP-C/DA 2021

Sage2 will be participating ing HP-C/DA 2021 Workshop on the In Situ Co-Execution of High-Performance Computing & Data Analysis

HP-C/DA takes place Friday, July 2, 2021, 2PM CEST

You are all invited to join HP-C/DA 2021!
The workshop on In Situ Co-Execution of High-Performance Computing & Data Analysis.
**Friday, July 2, 2021, 2PM CEST**, a workshop of ISC High Performance.

Sage2 Visualization Hackathon

Sage2 Visualization Hackathon
April 7th 9AM - 2PM BST
Time : 9AM to 2PM (half day)
Goals: Explore of the usage of visualization tools from Kitware by KTH and CCFE use cases with Sage2 for use on the SAGE prototype - as part of Sage2 Hackathon Series.
  1. 1) Round of introductions.


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