Kitware SAS is a SME with headquarters in Lyon, France. Kitware SAS is a subsidiary of Kitware Inc.,
with headquarters in Clifton Park, NY. Founded in 1998, Kitware has grown to over hundred individuals;
with nearly one-half having PhD.s. Kitware’s mission is to create, maintain and service open-source
software, and to create proprietary products on top of that software. The company has made a world-wide
impact with the well-known Visualization Toolkit (VTK), ParaView, the Segmentation and Registration
Toolkit (ITK), and the Cross-platform Make (CMake) systems. Kitware’s customers range from large
pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, oil and gas industries and governmental institutes. Kitware has
been leading open-source development for several major projects funded by the NIH, DOE, DOD among
others. Kitware has also an extended relationship with several Universities in Europe and in the US
(Harvard, Cornell, Utah, ...) as well as long term software development experience with US and European
national laboratories.