iPIC3D is a C++ framework for the simulation of space plasmas. The code is a component of the Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF) that is used to simulate the interaction of solar wind (plasma ejected from Sun) and Earth magnetosphere for space weather applications, e.g. predict the occurrence and transport of highly energetic events, such as coronal mass ejections, that can put in danger human assets in space.

The simulation output includes all the values defined on the grid cells, such as electric, magnetitic fields, and particle coordinate positions and velocities. In our simulations, we typically have billions of particles. To store all this information, requires between 1TB and 10TB.

Within SAGE (the predecessor of SAGE2), we have ported the iPIC3D code to use SAGE system. In particular, we use the Mero object storage and function shipping via the Clovis interface.

Within SAGE2, we plan further exploit the SAGE iPIC3D porting to the SAGE system and demonstrate the usage of the new features of the SAGE software ecosystem, such as the in-situ visualization and SAGE2 global address space.