BOUT++ is a framework written in C++ to perform fluid simulations with relative ease. It is possible to add/edit equations that are solved using a latex-like user-interface, and multiple choices for the time stepping method to be used are available. BOUT++ is typically used for plasma turbulence simulations – but can be adapted for other turbulence models as well. 

Individual plasma turbulence simulations typically have very long wallclock times and the data necessary to be stored for postprocessing can be a few TB even for cases without full complexity of the physics of a turbulent system on existing machines. To perform a statistical analysis a large number of simulations are required. This acts as a motivation for novel storage architecture and methods for postprocessing and visualization of the data.

The use case will be started by using a very simple model such as the heat equation to test storing and retrieving data from the SAGE cluster. The complexity of the model will then be enhanced to increase the size of the stored data to challenge and test the system. 

BOUT++ has restart capabilities built within the framework.