We are excited to open up the Sage Prototype system for external access!

The Sage System is installed at the Juelich Supercomputing Center (JSC), Germany.

To gain access please follow the following instructions...

  • Register to access the prototype system by providing your email address at the following URL and click "Send" to make an application for access:
    https://judoor.fz-juelich.de/registerPrototype Access 1


  • You will receive an email from the JSC administration with an application form to be completed
  • JSC will assess your application and let you know if your application is successful
  • If successful you will also be given authentication credentials to login to the Judoor system at the following URL:
  • When logged onto the JuDoor online system you can perform a number of activities related to access to Sage system
  • The first activity must be to generate a secure password protected public/private SSH keys and upload the public key via the Manage SSH-Keys link
  • Once the key is sucessfully uploaded you will be able to SSH into Sage login node from there you will be able to submit Slurm jobsprototype-access-3
  • More documentation on generating and managing SSH keys is available at the following URL: