Seagate is the world’s leading provider of data storage devices, equipment and services.

The organisation is a worldwide multi-national registered in Ireland (Seagate Technology plc) with more than 56,000 employees; the division of the organisation responsible for this project is Seagate Systems UK Ltd.

Seagate operates two primary divisions within its corporate operations, Seagate Technology develops and produces data storage devices including disk drives, solid state drives and solid state storage for integration within servers, a large facility is located in Northern Ireland.

The newer division, Seagate Systems has been created following the acquisition of Xyratex Technology by Seagate in April 2014, combining this organisation with EVault and other internal Seagate systems activities to create a high capability storage systems supply organisation.

A key product line acquired from Xyratex and continuing with Seagate is the ClusterStor product lines, these are fully engineered data storage systems with all hardware, file systems software and system management provided.

Systems are provided through their OEM or business partnerships including with BULL.

These systems support some of the worlds most powerful supercomputers including NCSA Bluewaters where the storage system achieved the worlds first 1TByte / second performance.

The systems are installed in a number of installations in Europe including ones in EPCC, DKRZ and ECMWF with capacities of up to 45 Petabytes and >1.4 TB/s performance in future deployments. Within Seagate Systems (UK) the Emerging Technology Group manages collaborative research activities within Europe and will work in concert with development engineering groups based in UK. Seagate is the project coordinator and will perform the following roles: Developing the key Percipient Storage functionalities needed for SAGE, Technical Management, Leading Dissemination and Exploitation, Project Management and System Integration.