The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), established in 1827, is one of Europe's top schools for science and engineering, graduating one-third of Sweden's undergraduate and graduate engineers in the full range of engineering disciplines.

Enrolment is about 17,500 students, of which about 1,400 are pursuing PhD studies.

In this proposal, KTH is represented by High Performance Computing and Visualization (HPCViz) department, part of the Computer Science and Communication (CSC) School and research branch of the KTH Centre for High Performance Computing (PDC).

The HPCViz department comprises three research groups: High Performance Computing, Computational Technologies and Algorithms, and Scientific Visualization.

The department focuses on applied technologies in extreme computing and data visualization, combining computational mathematical modelling, programming environments, and visual data exploration.

HPCViz benefits from the variety of HPC system operated by PDC, ranging from high-throughput oriented clusters to high-end parallel architectures and novel accelerator based machines.

KTH will investigate programming models for the SAGE architecture. KTH will also contribute to the pilot applications, particularly with the massively parallel iPIC3D code and bioinformatics application.