CEA as a whole is a major player throughout the value chain of HPC from R&D in the development of silicon technology, architecture of processors, system integration, software environments and tools through to use of numerical simulation in many different areas related to the missions of CEA.

It has more than 16 000 staff members in the development of low carbon energies, technologies for health, information technology, defence and global security, and underlying fundamental research for all these objectives.

CEA also owns and operates two world-class computing infrastructures (TERA and TGCC), and deploys related HPC services, for the benefit of national and European research, defense, and industry, Industrial access to HPC has been deployed for 10 years at CEA CCRT, through an original partnership business model and a dedicated supercomputer of nearly 0.5 petaflop/s. CEA DIF DSSI is the division in charge of HPC at CEA, located in the Paris Region.

DSSI operates the aforementioned computing centres and leads R&D in hardware and software technologies for HPC systems.

(See htpp://www-hpc.cea.fr)

CEA will be targeting the management of data in a multi-tiered hierarchical Object storage environment and the provision of legacy interfaces (pNFS).

It will leverage knowledge from our work on Robin-Hood and NFS-Ganesha.