Arm ( is a semiconductor IP company with around 5000 employees and headquartered in Cambridge, UK. ARM designs and licenses its IP (e.g. low-end 32-bit and high-end 64-bit CPUs, mobile GPUs, various peripherals, physical libraries etc.) to its chip manufacturing partners.

ARM is the architecture of choice for more than 80% of the high-performance embedded products in design, and for more than 90% of the mobile phones.

By licensing, rather than manufacturing and selling its chip technology, it established a new business model that has redefined the way microprocessors are designed, produced and sold.

Today, there are more than 1000 partners in the Arm Connected Community.

As the foundation of the company's global technology community, these Partners have played a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of the Arm architecture.

Partners utilise Arm's low-cost, power-efficient core designs to create and manufacture microprocessors, peripherals and SoC solutions.

Arm Powered microprocessors are pervasive in the electronic products, driving key functions in a variety of applications in diverse markets, including automotive, consumer entertainment, imaging, microcontrollers, IoT and wearable devices, networking, storage, automotive, medical, security, wireless, smartphones, and tablet computers.

To date, Arm Partners have shipped more than 100 billion Arm microprocessors.
Arm Research division from the headquarters in Cambridge (UK) will participate in the project.

Arm Research consists of over 100 research engineers worldwide, and about 60 of them are located in Cambridge.
Arm Research has a track record of 50 patents annually.

The researchers work on a wide range of areas from circuits to systems: low-power circuits and sensor interfaces, IoT microcontrollers, energy-efficient
microarchitectures, machine learning, CPU architecture, memory systems, fault- tolerant processors, security, low-power server and HPC systems.